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Touristic Tickets

Entrance tickets are sold throughout the workday as required by each administration of the cultural attractions, always take into account when carrying capacity per day of the appeal and the station or season that is .

Another method is to have the services of travel agents and tourism offer the option to buy tickets to their passengers as part of their service.

Then the most known and used tickets in Cusco:

Cusco Touristic Ticket

Also known as B.T.C. This ticket allows entry to 16 attractions found in the city of Cusco...

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Touristic Ticket to Machu Picchu

Also called the electronic ticket, entitles entry to Machu Picchu Archaeological Park. This is administered by the Regional Directorate of Culture...

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Ticket for Religious Circuit

The Ticket Religious Circuit (CTR) is the ticket that allows entry to three major destinations of religious themes such as...

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