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Trains to Machu Picchu

The two operating companies railroad Cusco - Machu Picchu are PeruRail and Inca Rail. These operators offer services by category, from a luxury train to the local economy.


Cusco (Poroy Station) – Machupicchu (Aguas Calientes Station)

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Vistadome 31 06:40 hrs 9:52 hrs
Expedition 33 07:42 hrs 10:51 hrs
Vistadome 203 08:25 hrs 12:11 hrs
Hiram Bingham 11 09:05 hrs 12:24 hrs


Machupicchu (Aguas Calientes Station) – Cusco (Poroy Station)

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Vistadome 32 15:20 hrs 19:05 hrs
Vistadome 504 16:22 hrs 20:00 hrs
Expedition 34 16:43 hrs 20.23 hrs
Vistadome 604 17:27 hrs 20:40 hrs
Hiram Bingham 12 17:50 hrs 21:16 hrs


Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo Station) – Machupicchu

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Expedition 81 06:10 hrs 07:40 hrs
Tourism and Executive 41 (Inca Rail) 06:40 hrs 08:01 hrs
Autobagon 601 08:00 hrs 09:24 hrs
Vistadome 301 07:05 hrs 08:27 hrs
Vistadome 501 07:45 hrs 09:14 hrs
Expedition 83 08:53 hrs 10:26 hrs
Vistadome 203 10:32 hrs 12:11 hrs
Tourism and Executive 43 (Inca Rail) 11:15 hrs 12:45 hrs
Expedition 73 12:58 hrs 14:24 hrs
Vistadome 303 13:27 hrs 14:49 hrs
Vistadome 603 15:37 hrs 17:02 hrs
Tourism and Executive 45 (Inca Rail) 16:36 hrs 18:09 hrs
Expedition 75 19:00 hrs 20:43 hrs
Expedition 51 21:00 hrs 22:50 hrs


Machupicchu – Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo Station)

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Expedition 50 05:35 hrs 07:44 hrs
Tourism and Executive 42 (Inca Rail) 08:30 hrs 10:10 hrs
Expedition 72 08.53 hrs 10:52 hrs
Vistadome 302 10:55 hrs 12:32 hrs
Vistadome 204 13:37 hrs 15:04 hrs
Tourism and Executive 44 (Inca Rail) 14:30 hrs 15:56 hrs
Expedition 74 14:55 hrs 16:31 hrs
Vistadome 304 15:48 hrs 17.29 hrs
Vistadome 504 16:22 hrs 18:01 hrs
Vistadome 604 17.27 hrs 18:56 hrs
Expedition 84 18:45 hrs 20:18 hrs
Autobagon 606 18:10 hrs 19:45 hrs
Tourism and Executive 46 (Inca Rail) 19:00 hrs 20:32 hrs
Expedition 76 21.30 hrs 23:01 hrs


Sacred Valley (Urubamba Station) - Machupicchu

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Autobagon 601 06:50 hrs 09:24 hrs


Machupicchu - Sacred Valley (Urubamba Station)

ServiceTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Vistadome 304 15:48 hrs 18:43 hrs


beautiful landscape in Machu Picchu Cusco



PeruRail, is the oldest company that provides rail services to two of the most representative destinations of Peru such as: Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. types ofrace train service on the route Cusco - Machu Picchu are:


Surrounded entirely of glass, with wagons with large panoramic windows offering breathtaking scenic views and spectacular to take pictures

The Vistadome has two stations departure to Machu Picchu: Cusco (Poroy) and the Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo).

Hiram Bingham:

Considered one of the best trips in 2008 by the magazine ItalianClass. Hiram Bingham cars are distinguished by their blue and gold colors. This service trains has four cars, two dining cars, a bar car with observatory and a kitchen car.


The Expedition has panoramic windows to allow travelers to immerse in the beauty of the natural landscape, and will be informed about the most important points that has this ancient route..


An exclusive service that leaves from the station at the new Urubamba hotel, Tambo del Inca, has panoramic windows to the side that provides a complete view of the environment.

Inca Rail

Unlike PeruRail, this company operates only between Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu stations. And their services are offered within the following schedule.

Train NumberDeparture stationArrival stationDepartureArrival
41 Ollantaytambo Machupicchu 06:40 hrs 08:01 hrs
43 Ollantaytambo Machupicchu 11:15 hrs 12:45 hrs
45 Ollantaytambo Machupicchu 16.36 hrs 18:09 hrs
42 Machupicchu Ollantaytambo 08:30 hrs 10:10 hrs
44 Machupicchu Ollantaytambo 14:30 hrs 15:56 hrs
46 Machupicchu Ollantaytambo 19:00 hrs 20:32 hrs


Presidential Service:

Designed for travelers seeking privacy, luxury and comfort, with up to 8 people, the Inca Princess has a finely decorated hall in which highlights beautiful images of Peruvian culture. The car also has a beautiful bar on board fully clad wood, warm lighting, windows and luxury finishes.

Note: Reservations are required to have at least 30 days in advance.

First class:

This unique service designed for discerning passengers who value comfort. With only 30 passengers per car the first class service operates regularly in the six frequencies Inca Rail only between the months of May and October, as well as special season dates: Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Reservations and ticket purchases do require at least 48 hours in advance.

Executive Service:

Executive Service operates every day of the year at the six frequencies of Inca Rail. These cars have a capacity for 42 passengers.

Tickets for this service can be purchased up to 30 minutes before departure at Train station ticket offices, or 24 hours in advance through the website or Inca Rail offices in Lima and Cusco.

Tourist Service:

This service cars has a capacity of 48 passengers. Tourist Service operates daily every day of the year in our six frequencies and return.

Tickets for this service can be purchased up to 30 minutes before departure Train station ticket offices, or 24 hours in advance through the website or Inca Rail has offices in Lima and the company Cusco.

All our services come with large, comfortable seats, which have been carefully designed to ensure complete comfort of the passengers. In addition, all seats have tables in front and panoramic windows to enjoy the beautiful landscape.


Train to Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu

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