The natural medicine or herbal medicine forms a great variety of techniques and treatments that over the years were used in order to cure and treat various health conditions. The Incas were our main exponents of natural medicine in our geographical area. The use of these plants allows a quick and viable solution, without the use of drugs, in order to counteract the symptoms of mountain altitude sickness. The main plants used are: coca leaf, muña, chachacoma, mint and capulí.

Coca leaf (Erythroxylon coca)

It is used mainly for infusions. It is a stimulant, analgesic, digestive, regulator of blood pressure.

plantas medicinales de la hoja de coca

Muña (Minthostachys setosa)

It can be used in infusions. It has a medicinal use to treat headache, gastritis, altitude sickness mountain. It's antiseptic, analgesic and carminative properties have been vsatly tested out. After the coca leaf, it is a traditional botanical species in the medicine of the Inca culture.

planta medicinal muna

Capuli (Prunus capulí Cav.)

Being a 20 meters high tree, it has three forms of application, the fruit is used as depurative, the leaves as a regulator of heart rate and for altitude sickness and the bark of the tree as anti-rheumatic.

plantas medicinales para el mal de altura

Mint (Mentha piperita)

It's biochemical composition presents mainly eugenol and rosmarinic acid, which are anticoagulants. These can improve circulation but in minimal doses in case of people who have diabetes. It's use, like the plants described above, is based on infusions.

planta medicinal menta

Chachacoma (Senecio nutans)

Andean plant that has a geographical distribution that extends from the area of the Peruvian Andes to the country of Argentina. It is a shrub 20 to 50 cm. tall, branched and covered with leaves up to the apex. According to several studies carried out in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, the use of this plant in infusions is mainly used for altitude sickness in the mountains. The main biochemical components of this species improve in the clinical picture present in the MAM, mainly in the case of the coca leaf, the muña and the chachacoma, and its action is at the circulatory level and can counteract the main factors of MAM . The proper way to use the medicinal plants described above is in infusions.

planta medicinal chachacoma