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Currency & Economy

Economic Data Cusco

Cusco is an eminently agricultural and mining department, and in recent years tourism has become one of the main economic activities. In agriculture it produces mainly barley, corn, potatoes, quinoa, beans and other high altitude crops. In the province of Espinar is the polymetallic mine of Tintaya and in the province of La Conveción, the gas deposits of Camisea. Meet the charms that the ancient city of Cusco has to offer.

Commercial Bank

The Peruvian financial system is composed of 64 financial institutions: 15 banks, 10 finance companies, 13 Cajas Municipales de Ahorro y Crédito. Of which Continental,…


In Peru, the main taxes are considered Central Government revenues, which are collected by SUNAT. The General Sales Tax (IGV) is a tax levied on…

Saywite's Stone

The Saywite archeological site is located in the district of Curahuasi, province of Abancay, department of Apurimac.

Currency and Exchange Rate

The official currency of Peru is the Sol (S/.) divided into 100 cents. It circulates in coins of 10, 20 and 50 cents, 1, 2…
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