The sacred valley is located 15km from Cusco on the north. It is 2800 to 3000 meters above sea level, which makes it have a more benevolent weather.


Pisac is the initial point of the sacred valley tour it is also known by its archeological park, its artisan fairs and its Sunday masses.

pisac cusco


Artisan market of Pisaq:

In the main square under centennial trees, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday a traditional fair takes place that are famous by the diverse and colorful textiles and pottery that is offered there.

Ñust'ayuj or ChakaChinpa Hill:

In the first third of the hill, you can find more than 20 terraces, the paved road gets there in the gorge; this group of terraces is called ChakaChimpa that means "on the other side of the bridge"; the third superior part of the hill, there is a natural human shaped formation, it looks like a female peasant with hat and a package in her back. Across from the hill where Pisac inca city is, in southwest direction and at the other side of the Vilcanota river this hill is located which is part of Pachatusan range.

Sunday masses:

The town's inhabitants and the nearby communities are catholic that is why they celebrate masses. In the temple there is a Quechua spoken mass on Sundays with the attendance of authorities (mayors or varayoc) wearing typical outfits and with Pututos sounds.