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Pisac, Archaeological Park

Archaeological complex that houses magnificent terraces, stone constructions and terraces, offering spectacular panoramic views.


The National Archaeological Park of Pisac is made up of groups of archaeological remains, including terraces, aqueducts, roads associated with walls and gates, channeled waterways, cemeteries, bridges, etc. This group covers an area of 4 square kilometers. On this area the ruins are found occupying the hills, they are presented forming groups of complicated disposition, while in others there are constructions isolated from the other groups.


Pisac Park is located 33 km east of the city of Cusco. It can be reached by an agency on a tour throughout the Sacred Valley. You can also use the public transportation that goes to Urubamba that leaves every 15 minutes, you must get off at the bridge and from there you must go to the back of the temple of Pisac in a walk of about an hour.


Acchapata Platform Group

Just 200 meters up from the town square of Pisac stands a beautiful set of platforms. This group is made up of 40 platforms forming a kind of triangle with the vertex downwards, that is to say, the smallest platform is the first one that the visitor can see when he begins to ascend.

Torreones or Pucaras

In the citadel of Pisac we can count more than twenty towers and they are of two types: The habitáculo towers and the watchtowers atalaya; the first are conical enclosures associated with water channels of construction with well carved and assembled pieces, these seem pulpits attached to the mountain. The watchtowers are beautiful elevations, with conical tendency, they are not enclosures, its texture is solid and its interior compact mass plus its portion is flat surface. The most important in its location is Qoriwayrachina.

Intiwatana Neighborhood

It is the central neighborhood, home to temples and palaces, with a higher architectural quality, greater beauty in its walls, the enclosures are larger in relation to those of other neighborhoods. It has 3 levels to gain aesthetics and comfort, they modularized the buildings directed towards the main valley. In this place we can find: The central enclosure, the Intiwatana, the altar carved in volcanic breccia, groupings of liturgical fountains, alleys and courtyards.

Tianayuc neighborhood

It is known as Tianayuc which translates as "that has a seat" because in the inner courtyard there is a kind of sofa for two people, with back and elbow pads made of stone. This neighborhood is small, with rooms whose doors open onto a central patio, plus an almost destroyed tower that dominates a good part of the K'itamayu ravine.

Neighborhood of K'allaQ'asa

Es el mayor de los barrios de la ciudad inca de Pisac, construido en la cima de la montaña la mayor altitud de todos los recintos, sus recintos de desplazan sobre un plano inclinado en forma descendente hacia el Norte. Tiene muchos aposentos, cuestas empinadas, torreones, un corto túnel de 3 metros de longitud; este barrio tiene en sus costados impresionantes barrancos.

Neighborhood of Pisaq'a

It is located on the Chongo ravine, two hundred meters away from the Intiwatana neighborhood and at a lower altitude. This neighborhood was built by lowering the original ground level to modulate a plain. The plan of this neighborhood is semicircular obeying the shape of the mountain, this set consists of 23 enclosures built with amazing order.

QanchisRaqay Neighborhood

This neighborhood has many constructions, the houses are made of medium and small stones, the plane of the set is inclined that arrives to the hillside where the creek Chongo is. The whole neighborhood is like a sentinel controlling the northeastern side of the city of Pisac.


The entrance hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.
The entrance fee is included in the Tourist Ticket.

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