It is located 28km from Cusco.


It is the capital of the district that belongs to Urubamba province. It is one of the most representative towns of Cusco. It is known by its archeology and artisan.

chinchero cusco


Artisan fair:

The Chichero fair is one of the most important ones in the region due to the high quality of the goods that are sold there, It is internationally recognized because of the excellent work and beauty. In this fair the barter (old way of exchange of goods) is still valid in Chinchero, the Inca Princesses' grand daughters continue knitting wool and making clothes as the Ajllas used to do for the children of the Sun in Imperial Cusco.

Living culture:

Chinchero is one of the places where it seems the time stands still since the traditions and inca culture continue up to now. The inhabitants have Inca blood and the language is Quechua. However, almost all the inhabitants speak Spanish as second language.


Its fertile lands make then excellent producers of potatoes, ollucos, ocas, lima beans, barley and wheat, traditional products which crops existed during Inca time and they continue being the commerce axis of that zone.