The island is at the bottom port made from stones of the same island, where the boats or rafts landed bringing passengers from Puno or from other neighboring islands. Then you should take a climb up a ladder of more than 567 steps to reach the village of Taquile. At the top, await travelers a spectacular view of the lake and a simple cover stone welcome you to one of the most unique communities in Peru. From here you can see almost the whole island and much of the domains of the lake, is the best view across the lake route.

Taquile Island - Puno


The most impressive thing that you can see on this island, it is nature who has been kind to the island has given it a varied wild vegetation, which has been enriched with eucalyptus and cypress brought by man in the decade of the ' 50. These species are adapted to the climatic conditions of the region. In the waters around Taquile, totora reeds grow and on the slopes, the grass known as ichu serving food both for the sheep to make the roofs of houses.

Travel in small reed boats around the island is really Impress.


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