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CuscoPeru agencia de viajes en cusco

Juli Puno

Picturesque town with colonial history and impressive architecture, highlighting its main church and cobblestone streets.


It is located next to Lake Titicaca, has a pier, is one of the cities that has the honor of being part of the first American cities, where the printing press was installed.

Cattle and sheep raising are the mainstay of the economy of the province, which also has its own conditions for the cultivation of potatoes, quinoa and barley.


It is located on the slopes of the hills of Pucará, San Bartolomé, Sapaccollo and Caraccollo, in the highlands region and on the shores of the sacred Lake Titicaca.


This town has four temples that compete in beauty and have earned it the nickname of "the Rome of America". The best known temple is that of San Pedro, of Renaissance style. The church of San Juan de Letran has a nave of great proportions and stands out for the front of the sacristy, carved in dark stone. The Jesuit church of Santa Cruz is notable for its three-part façade, crowned by the monogram of the order, and supported by Corinthian columns, although it is in a poor state of preservation. Finally there is the church of the Assumption, which is in ruins, although it preserves part of its lateral façade and a tower.


Visiting this wonderful town is totally free.

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