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Dreyer Municipal Museum

This museum exhibits a valuable collection of art and historical objects that represent the cultural richness and traditions of the region.

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It is known as the house of Don Carlos Dreyer, a German citizen and great landscape painter who, enchanted by the natural wonders of this high plateau region, made this property a place to live, where artists of the time shared and met.

After the death of Mr. Carlos Dreyer, the Municipality of Puno bought the place for cultural purposes.


Located in the Historic Center of Puno, very close to the Plaza de Armas, Jr. Conde de Lemos Nº 289.


Inside, its rooms are arranged as follows.

Inca Room:

This room exhibits objects from the Moche, Nazca and Chimu cultures, ceramics from the Chancay culture, lithic objects and stones from the Inca culture, objects from the Tiahuanaco and Pucara cultures.

Lithic Gallery:

It presents pieces or stone sculptures. Stone monolith in which it interprets the Center of the Civilization of Pucara culture, with much predominance on the Titicaca Lake. For this reason it is represented by a "Suche" (lake fish) of the lake, as well as a priest that constituted a social and religious cultural manifestation in Pucará.

Regional Archaeological Hall:

Exhibition of stone sculptures of the Pucara culture, Tiahuanaco culture, as well as the Curacazgos, among them the Collas, the Lupazas and the Pacajes. These peoples were settled on both sides of Lake Titicaca and their territories were known as Umasuyo (eastern side) and Urcusuyo (western side).

Regional Archaeological Hall:

Exhibition of the "Treasure of Sillustani", integrated by about five hundred and one (501) pieces of gold. This makes the Carlos Dreyer Museum to be catalogued as the most important Regional Archaeological Museum of Southern Peru. It also has a replica of the Chullpa del Lagarto.


Exhibition of oil on canvas paintings from the collection of Carlos Dreyer, by painters guided by the indigenist trend.


Silver objects such as Tupos, pins, rings, and accessories used at the time are exhibited.

Religious Art:

Silver objects of religious character are exhibited.

Dreyer Room:

Exhibition of objects from the Republican period, including bronze objects, clothing ornaments, war armaments, etc.

the main altar is the venerated image of the Virgen de la Candelaria, patron saint of Puno. In this church there are also the three altars, of gothic style in wood with several sculptural groups and religious paintings.


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