Located at the junction of the fourth block of Jiron Camana with the second block of Jiron Ica.


The building which today can be seen is not the same of previous centuries, it is only some vestiges, such as: the side walls and the frontispiece. The entire building was transformed, and the last renovation was in the twentieth century, which was ornamented throughout the interior, where you can see paintings of the Italian school, the beautiful decor of the chapter house, which houses the old carved chair, and sculpture of death that was created in the eighteenth century by Baltazar Gavilan.

San Agustin church


The facade is a baroque architectural Churrigueresque overloaded with ornaments, carved on stone, which was completed in 1710, it consists of three blocks and three bodies, being the central street of the first body which houses the door through which enters the enclosure. On this one has a vertical arc cornice, be determinative feature original Peruvian Baroque architecture. In the niches of the facade are ten images in addition to St. Augustine is the center. Its importance is that it is also one of the two covers Churrigueresque left in Lima, near the front of the Basilica of La Merced. Inside the temple was transformed in the early twentieth century and the works are of great value as the choir stalls, the drawers of the sacristy, the coffered ceiling of the sacristy, his collection of paintings and the main cloister courtyard with beautiful portals.


Opening Hours:
Every day from 10:00 to 12:00 hrs. and from 16:00 to 19:00 hrs