It is on La Marina Av. Block 24. It is 7.7 km from the main square.


Peru is one of the countries with the greatest biological diversity in the world. In this zoo you can see a sample of the great variety of species both animals and plants from Peru.
Apart from the Peruvian native species, the park has an area called the International Zone where we find a great diversity of animals from the rest of the world.

Parque de las Leyendas Lima


The park is divided into 4 zones according to the characteristics of the animals they show, they are:

Highland zone:

The species that belong to the Andean zone of Peru are here. There are 118 kinds of mammals and 93 kinds of birds. Among the most important ones we have: Eagle, Royal owl, Condor, kestrel, swan, criollo duck, chinchilla, guanaco, oso de anteojos, vicuña, alpaca, llama, Andean fox, Andean puma, donkey, deer and sheep.

Jungle zone:

There are species that belong to the Peruvian Amazonia such as: Anaconda, Otorongo, Sajino, jaguar, tapir, papagayo (parrot), Lion monkey, titi monkey, macaw, water otter, white winged turkey, brown jaw Tuca neta, cock of the rock, spider monkey, ocelot, majas, two fingered perezoso bear, yellow tailed choro monkey.

International zone:

The most important species from around the world are here such as: giraffe, lion, tiger, hippopotamus, zebra, baboon, buffalo, grizzly bear, black bear, peacock, silver fox, chimpanzee, ostrich, water buffalo and turtle from Galapagos.

Other attractions:

Visitors can also see the following museums: Model mine, Petro Peru museum of petroleum, site museum (Maranga culture), replica of the tomb of Lord of Sipan (Moche culture). The park also has the following huacas: The Palm huaca, San Miguel huaca, Three sticks huaca, The cross huaca and White cross huaca.


Monday to Sunday (including holydays).
Fee: S/5.00 (children 3 to 12 years old) and S/10:00 (13 years old and older).