It is located in the downtown area. It is surrounded by the avenues Paseo Colon, Wilson, Paseo de la República and 28 de Julio right in Santa Beatriz neighborhood.


The exposition park was built during the government of Jose Balta right after Lima’s wall was torn down. It was released with the exposition palace (now Art museum) in 1872. During the celebration of the 100th independence (1921), the Chinese fountain was inaugurated which was a gift from the Chinese colony in Lima.

Parque de la Exposición Lima


The traditional exposition park is one of the most beautiful ones of Lima and inside you can find the Art museum of Lima, the Japanese park, and the metropolitan museum of Lima. Also you can find in this park:

The amphitheater “Nicomedes Santa Cruz” honors the afro-Peruvian poet and essay writer. The capacity of this amphitheater is 4 thousand people. Its facilities are required for presentations of national and international level.

The theater “La Cabaña” performs plays and cultural spectacles for children and adults. It has big and beautiful gardens that are conditioned for family and social events such as weddings, anniversaries and other business and institutions celebrations.

This park also has a big parking lot that is used for artisan fairs, amusement parks, a small lagoon for boat rides and puppet islands.


Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 20:00 hrs
Free admision