The Cathedral is composed of three naves and four chapels, has the form of a Latin cross, with transept, apse and presbytery. The nave is covered by a barrel vault with lunettes and reinforced arches, the aisles are small domes, the main facade shows a triangular pediment and two bell towers. Almost the entire structure consists of traditional thatch, cane framed and mud. The columns of the nave has a wooden lattice. The vertical elements are connected together by ties horizontal and inclined leather thus giving an accurate structural function. Apparently original construction techniques that tightness gave natural leather straps through natural drying after installation.

The Cathedral of Ica


The most attractive for this cathedral, representing the wonderful styles in which they are based, on the outside there is a neoclassical style in your home also represented on the pediment figures in high relief and on the inside, the Baroque pulpit and altars.


Free entry Monday to Sunday: 8.00 to 15:00