Located between Avenues 28 July Francisco Bolognesi and one block from the Plaza de Armas of Pisco was destroyed by the earthquake of August 15, 2007 as all the other temples in the city.


It was considered the oldest monument of pisco, the prevailing style was baroque, but during the course of the years and earthquakes was deteriorating until 2007 where the fury of a large magnitude earthquake toppled high historic church the Society of Jesus, but not the faith of a people eminently Catholic who longed to have a temple to give thanks to God.

As in recent years the construction of it began construction, but the new building will not repeat the earlier Baroque style, but would be modern, composed by five percent and thatch reinforced cement and 95 percent of bamboo (woody plant called "vegetal steel," which by its properties in areas of seismic vulnerability and low resistance is recommended for construction).

Compañia de Jesus Church Pisco


Now that we have a church of bamboo, the domestic and foreign tourists come to appreciate the new church made of bamboo shows the remains left by the old church.


Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am to 13:00 pm.