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Compañia de Jesus Church

An architectural treasure that stands out for its imposing baroque façade and ornate interior.


The Cathedral is composed of three naves and four chapels, it has the shape of a Latin Cross, with Transept, Apse and Presbytery. The main nave is covered by a barrel vault with lunettes and reinforced arches, the side naves have small domes, the main facade shows a triangular pediment and two bell towers. Almost the entire structure is composed of the traditional quincha, with cane and mud framework. The columns of the main nave have a reticular wooden structure. The vertical elements are connected to each other by horizontal and inclined leather ties thus giving a precise structural function. Apparently the original construction techniques gave that natural tightness of the leather straps through their natural drying after installation.


Located between the avenues 28 de Julio and Francisco Bolognesi, one block from the Plaza de Armas of Pisco, it was destroyed by the earthquake of August 15, 2007 like all the other temples of the city.


Now that there is a bamboo-based church, domestic and foreign tourists come to appreciate the new bamboo-based church, which shows the remains left by the old church.


Monday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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