It is located right in the city center opposite the Provincial Municipality of Ica.


Founded in 1563 by Don Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera. In 1534, Nicholas de Rivera, one of thirteen Rooster and confidant of Francisco Pizarro, was looking for a suitable place in Ica land to the capital city of the conquest. He chose the area of Pisco, where he founded the Villa de Sangallán, Pizarro dismissed Rivera's decision and chose the Rímac valley.

The June 17, 1563, the Spanish captain Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, founded the Villa de Valverde de Ica. Then, because of several earthquakes and commissioned by Viceroy Conde de Nieva, the city moved to the place now occupied.

The square of Ica is characterized by being surrounded by giant trees of the genus woody "ficus", which makes him give an antique look. During the arrival of the Spanish.

main square Ica


Obelisk of two needles, gazebo lines evoking the old squares and leafy ficus, give it an enviable architectural picture. In its perimeter is the City of Ica with its beautiful cathedral portals and Ica.


Access 24 hours a day.