The lagoon of Huacachina has emerald green waters. Some studies have found that arose due to upwelling and undercurrents around it has appeared lush vegetation consisting of palm trees, eucalyptus and typical guarangos, serving for the rest of migratory birds that pass through this region. All this contributes to making Huacachina one of the most colorful and beautiful in the Peruvian coast.

It is the main pride of the city of Ica, its high dunes have always defied its visitors and residents, who have been established as typical local activity slipping on them on pieces of wood, and even surfboards skis.

Huacachina Lake


The Huacachina has gotten no longer considered interesting only for its mythical lagoon, where you can take relaxing boating, but also for his sharp and perfect peaks of up to 250 meters vertical risk. Today converted into a coveted destination for national and international tests sandboarding, dunes, as the most renowned ski resorts in the world, have names: The Cathedral, Santiaguillo Orovilca, North Orovilva and Saraja.


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