These dunes have existed remostos times because these dunes are one of the most visited attractions for tourists seeking adventure in Ica, wonderful finely designed mounds of sand in the wind, showing beautiful landscapes, it is known that these dunes level of South America is considered one of the highest.

Dunes of Ica


  • Oasis of Huacachina
    A 5 km from Ica, is a fantastic place where the sand comes together to make symmetrical mountains. It is a natural wonder that is not only ideal for sandboarding, but is worth a visit and see, just as there is a small gap around.

The sandboarding, for those who do not know or have not heard, is a sport "extreme" is down big dunes or sand hills with special tables, similar to snowboarding (the snow).


t can be accessed at any time in the dunes, but if you want to rent a cart sandpit or a table to practice sandboarding these has its costs.

Holiday Basket sandbox: S / 50.00
Table rental: S / S 10.00 / 30.00