The district Kosñipata located southeast of the city of Cusco, at a distance of 220 km valley is accessed via the town of Pilcopata Paucartambo and ascending about 25 km. Going to northeast toward Acjanaco and natural view point of Tres Cruces, and then descend to the scenic valley of Kosñipata (land of the clouds).


Virtually comprising the upper floor or high jungle of Madre de Dios, from the headwaters of the river system of rivers Madre de Dios, whose height above sea level ranges from 3678 masl (Three Crosses), to 650 m.s.n.m. (Pilcopata mouth). Its average annual temperature is 25 ° C observed two marked seasons, from December to April with abundant rainfall and another from May to November rainy or summer considered slim.

Before creating Kosñipata district, this place was inhabited by two native communities: The Wachipayres and Machiguenga. They fished and practiced small-scale agriculture for their daily consumption only.

Natural Attractions Cusco


Pilcopata, highlighted by trading forest products, as well as accommodation, restaurants and is about to enter the Manu National Park. At the entrance of the National Park, you can see the remains of Inka roads with their respective channels, there are petroglyphs depicting human scenes, animals and unknown signs, these artworks are scattered over a large area, are worth visiting for adventure lovers.