Mapa del Museo Inka

The Pre-Columbian Art Museum is located in Plaza de las Nazarenas 231, 4 blocks away from Plaza de Armas, going up Cuesta del Almirante Street.


Formerly, it was “Amaru Cata” or “Casa del Saber”; it was the school of the Incas. In 1550, the Spanish conquistadores, intending to impose their culture and religion on top of the foundations of the Inca culture, converted it into a religious retreat house and later into the “Santa Clara Monastery”. In the seventeenth culture it was acquired by Luis Jeronimo Cabrera, whose surname remained with the building until today.
This historical monument was purchased in 1981 by the Continental Bank. Revived and packaged in its 2000 square meters by the Foundation, Cabrera House became the Pre-Columbian Art Museum of Cusco is the first and only museum dedicated to highlighting the art of the ancient cultures of Peru. The museum displays in an orderly and progressive way: a Hall of Wood, a Nazca, a Mochica, a Huari, a Chimu, an Inca, a Colonial, a Gold Room and Silver Room, distributed according to their location.

museo de arte precolombino cusco


The 403 works of art spanning from 1250 B.C. to 1532 A.D. were selected from a universe of 45,000 objects belonging to the Archaeological Museum Rafael Larco Herrera in Lima. The museography and lighting are spectacular as they highlight the beauty of painting, sculpture and ceramics of Peruvian prehistory in the 11 rooms of the museum.


Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 9:00a.m.-10:00p.m.
Foreign adult: S/. 20.00 National adult: S/. 10.00 Foreign student: S/. 10.00 National student: S/. 5.00