qoraqora ubicacion

Qora Qora was built facing the Wacaypata (now Main Square). It was located next to the Qasana Palace. This place is called the Portal of Flour at present time.


“Qora qora” is a Quechua word. It means Pasture or place with plenty of grass. This palace was located next to the Qasana palace, at the time of the Incas were not separated by the present street Procuradores. This complex bordered on a public road is called Suecia Street in our days in its eastern flank.

According to historians this palace was built by Inca Roca and was the residence of Ayllu Raurau. With the arrival of the Spanish people, this residence was awarded to Gonzalo Pizarro.


Nowadays you can see houses in colonial style in this place, which are mostly used for touristic trade. These colonial houses are still using Qora Qora`s palace original bases.


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