kiswar kancha location

It was located at the northeastern side of the current square. Currently, this area is occupied by the Cathedral of Cusco and the Temple of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.


Kiswar Kancha is a Quechua word. It means Kiswar place, where Kiswar is a native shrub. Because, this area was particularly plenty of Kiswar`s shrubs. It is also known that this palace was composed of buildings and courtyards. It had square shape.
According to historians this palace was built by the Inca Wiraqocha. It was the residence of Sujsu Ayllu. With the arrival of the Spanish people, this residence was awarded to Alonso de Mesa.

It is also important to mention that a cylindrical building with multiple floors was used to keep emblems and weapons. This tower called Suntu Wasi was located at the south side of the palace.


Nowadays, this place is the Cathedral of Cusco and the temple of the Holy Family, in what was the Kiswar Kancha. Unfortunately this important complex disappeared at all.


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