Map Hatunrumiyoq

Jatunrumiyuc was located 200 meters from the main square, now here is the Museum of Religious Art. Taking as reference the main square, we walked straight to Monument called Hatun Runiyoc forward along the side of the Triunfo Church.


Jatunrumiyuc means House that has a Big Stone or has large stone. This palace was built by Inca Roca, and it was the residence of his family or lineage called "Ayllu Waqa K'irau" which means, where the sacred object lies.

After the conquest the building was partially dismantled to build the family farmhouse Valverde Contreras and Xaraba, Marquis of Rocafuerte, currently known as the Archbishop's Palace.

hatunrumiyoc cusco peru 05


The principal attractive of this palace is the Canvas. Which is a beautiful stone wall tilted inward. It was built with irregular polyhedra of green diorite. This Palace was the property of the Inca who found Schools. In this place is the famous "stone of twelve angles". Of the palace of Inca Roca we just can see this beautiful Inca wall.
A colonial building is now in this place. It is known as the Archbishop's Palace, is running the Religious Art Museum which houses an important collection of colonial paintings and religious.


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