El Misti Volcano is located 17.5 km northeast of the city of Arequipa, is located within the National Reserve Salinas and Aguada Blanca.


El Misti is one of seven active volcanoes located in the Pilo-Quaternary volcanic belt of southern Peru, part of the Volcanic Zone of the Central Andes. The Misti altitude is 5822 meters and its elevation with reference to the Plaza de Armas is 3500 meters. The distance from the Cathedral of Arequipa to the crater is only 17 miles as the crow flies. On the opposite side, to the Altiplano, the vertical drop is 1600 meters.

Geological-geophysical studies conducted recently show that the Misti volcano is about 800,000 years old, and is located on a base consisting of rock formations are called "blocks". These blocks can be widely observed in the Chili River canyon and across the pampa road southwest of Arequipa-Yura.

By the year of 1440 - 1450, the Misti volcano erupts, a result Inca Yupanqui makes many prayers to the mountain to appease the wrath of important Apu, without success.

the Volcano Misti


The biggest attraction is the Misti volcano as a whole, because with its nearly perfect conical shape and nuances of snow at the top, gives the city of Arequipa a unique scenic beauty in the world.

At the highest point of the crater, the cross rail is eight feet long was placed in 1900 to mark the advent of the twentieth century.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the National Water Reserve Blanca, which houses volcanoes (including Misti), gaps and important examples of the flora and fauna of the region Arequipa.


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