Located on the corner of St. Catalina and St. Augustin.


The home is the basis of cultural complex Chavez de la Rosa. It is believed that its construction dates back to 1743. This is because one of the entries made by the builder that says: "This house is made the year 1743. I ask For God who would ever live here in, an Our Father prayer."

This house is built on a plot of 23 feet of frontage and 56 feet deep, for the large area it occupies, is the classic Arequipa house with rooms, terrace and patios. The facade was originally designed in three parts, a center with a large wooden door, shutter and studded with decorative nails, on top, a cornice enriched outgoing neoclassical decorative elements.

Mansion Irriberry


The rooms have been upgraded for the presentation of paintings and sculptures samples and to perform a series of social events and exhibitions - Contemporary Art sale. Inside this house are in the second courtyard a small chapel and administrative offices of the UNSA, so in the last courtyard with access to the street St. Augustine found a bookstore.


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