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Cusco tour guides one day - Pisac artisan town tour half day

4 hours

Tours In Sacred Valley

Cusco tour guides one day - Pisac artisan town tour half day

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A four hours Cusco tour guides that will allow you to know the most of the town of Pisac. In the Sacred Valley, it is impossible to miss the Craft Market, where you will find many items like paintings, key rings, handicrafts, dolls, etc. Unique pieces and made by artisans of Pisac for gifts or home decorating items. The Archaeological Park shows us how prepared were the Incas to build their buildings. Perfectly polished stones together is what makes this place magical.

Guided tours of Pisaq market & archaeological site.

Full itinerary

Transfer to the Sacred Valley, passengers will take a 45 minutes drive in private transportation to Pisac archaeological site and market. The Pisac archaeological site give insight to the Inca's advanced masonry skills. The Pisac market is also a good reason to make a stop here, where you can find some unique and authentic souvenirs. It is better to visit Pisac market on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays, because during these days there are more artisans coming from other communities to the market, so try to arrange this tour on this days. The inca site remain somewhat mysterious as to what their absolute purpose was, but it seems likely that they were part of a settlement along a vital Inca road. With the Amazon rain forest to the east of the mountains, it is generally understood that Pisac provided a connecting point of sorts between the highlands and the jungle. As you explore the Pisac archaeological, you will find that the views of the mountains and valleys are simply breathtaking. Together with the Inca site, the Pisac markets are what bring a good amount of visitors to town. After visiting the market and the Inca Site, passengers will be transferred back to their hotel either in Cusco. End of the Cusco tour guides half day experience.


• Private Transportation.
• Professional bilingual guide.
• Visits to the attractions mentioned in Itinerary.

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• Lunch.
• Tips.
• Extras not mentioned in Itinerary.



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