Horseback Riding in Cusco

Since ancient times we have moved over long distances on the back of a horse. Doing it on your trip, to get to places that are difficult to access or to go to for a walk, will make the most delightful experience of your trip.

If you are a nature-lover, which most tourists who come to Cusco for Machu Picchu and Inca Trail are, you will feel even closer to nature by exploring this area on horseback. Whether you choose the 4-hour tour on horseback around Cusco, which offers you amazing views of the city of Cusco, getting to know archeological sites, Inca ruins and the Temple of the Moon, or if you choose the 4-hour Sacred Valley horseback tour that gives you stunning views of the Inca Trail or the other 8-hour option for the Sacred Valley that takes you to the fascinating terraces of Moray, or if you´d rather go for the 8-hour horseback ride to Chacan, observing the agricultural work of local people on maize and potato fields, you are sure to have a great adventure in the middle of nature, that will have you return refreshed and deeply happy.

Arrive at the remote archaeological remains on horseback and feel naturally comfortable. Explore nature and experience the landscape in a different way. Here we present the alternatives that Peru offers.