The party starts on the day of the Holy Trinity, when over 10,000 pilgrims climb to the limit of perpetual snow. It reaches minimum temperatures (-4 ° C). The road is accompanied by a procession, fireworks and the symbolic market of "Alacitas" (miniature craft fair).

The accompanying different dancers (chauchos, qollas, pabluchas or ukukus) symbolizing various mythical characters. The ukukus (bears) are the guardians of the Lord, both as Apus and cairns (piles of stones placed by pilgrims, as an expiated sins), and maintaining discipline during the liturgy. A strong group queros, which is perhaps the purest Quechua community of Peru, disguised as "pabluchas" part towards the summits of Mount (6362 m) in search of the Snow Star which is locked in its bowels. Back to their communities, these strong people carry on their backs large blocks of ice to water their land symbolically sacred Ausangate water.




Villagers Ocongate District (Quispicanchis), in the department of Cusco, perform a ritual whose external is the image of Christ, but his background object is the integration of man and nature.

The ritual, associated with the fertility of the land and the worship of Apus (mountains, tutelary gods), is part of one of the parties of indigenous nations largest in Latin. The main ceremony was held at the foot of Mount Ausangate, the ritual is a pilgrimage of shepherds, merchants and onlookers gather at the shrine of Sinakara. According to belief, the Baby Jesus, shepherd dressed, appeared to an Indian child, Marianito Mayta, and both became friends.

When parents found them dressed in rich attire warned the parish priest, Pedro de Landa, who tried to capture him but without success, for in the child's place appeared a stone. Marianito died immediately and the image of the Lord of Qoyllur Ri'ti was fixed on the rock.


The pilgrimage to "Qoyllur Rit'i" takes place between the months of May and June, the date is movable



The Feast of the Señor de Qoyllur Rit'i takes place in the province of Quispicanchis Ocongate district. It is at the base of the mountain of Sinakara. The main ceremony is held at the foot of Mount Ausangate, at 4,700 masl and at temperatures below 0 ° C.