May - June

Festivities and Events in May & June

Señor de Qoyllur Rit'i

qoyllur riti

The party starts on the day of the Holy Trinity, when over 10,000 pilgrims climb to the limit of perpetual snow. It reaches minimum temperatures of -4 ° C. The road is accompanied by a procession, fireworks and the symbolic market of "Alacitas".

Corpus Christi

corpus chiristi fiestas del cusco

Fifteen saints and virgins from various districts come in procession to the cathedral to "greet" the body of Christ, that is, to the consecrated host, which is kept in the custody fabulous solid gold of 26 kilograms and 1.20 meters high.

San Juan Festivites

festividad de san juan bautista

On June 24 of every year is celebrated throughout the Peruvian Amazon the feast of San Juan Bautista patron of this region, which has a symbolic feast, for the importance of water means life element in the entire Amazon.

Inti Raymi

inti raymi plaza cusco

The "Inti Raymi" or "Sun Festival" was the biggest festivity, most important, spectacular and magnificent conducted in the days of the Empire of Tawantinsuyu which based its religion on the cult of the Sun.