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Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Celebration in the city of Cusco is a religious and cultural manifestation that takes place in the city of Cusco, Peru.

There are 15 saints that with processions each one leaves their usual temple or church to make a visit to the Main Square of Cusco and then enter the Cathedral Basilica, where they will remain for 8 days until ¨La Octava¨ arrives, day in which the saints are taken out and taken to their temple or church of origin.



This Thursday, May 31, 2018, this festivity will take place. The date is always movable, just like the festivity of the Lord of Qoyllurit'i, everything will depend on the Holy Week. For Qoyllurit'i, fifty-eight days are counted after Easter Sunday, in this case for Corpus Christi, 9 weeks are counted after Holy Thursday (Holy Week) and so Corpus Christi will arrive. Cusqueños and foreigners are waiting for it to celebrate it as it should be.

The beginning of this festivity is on Wednesday (one day before the procession or central day) with the departure of each saint from their temple of origin. Each one with a procession where you find the Mayordomos or the ¨Carguyoq¨, in some cases the mayor, the faithful who voluntarily decide to accompany their saint and accompanied by a band of musicians or ¨Q'aperos¨. After arriving at the Plaza Mayor, the statues of the saints are taken to the Cathedral and remain inside until the next day, which is the procession. On Thursday all these people take their saint or virgin out of the Cathedral Basilica and the procession begins. The Plaza Mayor is filled with people. The order in which the saints go out is as follows

  1. San Antonio of the parish of San Cristobal.
  2. San Jerónimo of the parish of the district of San Jerónimo.
  3. San Cristóbal of the parish of San Cristóbal.
  4. San Sebastian of the parish of the district of San Sebastian.
  5. Santa Barbara of the parish of the district of Poroy.
  6. Santa Ana of the parish of Santa Ana
  7. Santiago Apostle of the parish of Santiago.
  8. San Blas of the parish of San Blas
  9. San Pedro of the parish of San Pedro
  10. St. Joseph of the parish of Bethlehem
  11. Our Lady of the Nativity of the parish of Almudena
  12. Virgen de los Remedios of Santa Catalina church
  13. Our Lady of the Purified Virgin of the parish of San Pedro
  14. Virgin of Bethlehem of the parish of Bethlehem
  15. Virgin of the Immaculate Conception also called "La Linda" from the Basilica of the Cathedral.

During the procession some carguyoqs give gifts to the assistants, objects like postcards, souvenirs, etc; they are distributed without distinction. The procession ends at approximately 12 noon after all the saints return to the Cathedral where they will remain until next Thursday when the faithful, the carguyoq, mayor and other people return their saints to their place of origin, the temple from which they were taken.

The traditional dish of this festivity is the Chiriuchu, a cold and spicy dish exquisite for all demanding palates. A mixture of 10 ingredients such as: baked guinea pig (it must be taken into account that the meat of this rodent must be tender, so that when someone consumes it, it is soft and the characteristic flavor is preserved), cau cau (fish roe), boiled chicken, jerky, qochayuyo (seaweed), chorizo, white corn, cheese, sliced red pepper and the typical torreja. This torreja of spongy consistency is the combination of some ingredients such as: corn, pumpkin and a little chicken broth during the preparation so that it has a characteristic flavor at the moment of serving.


  1. A camera is indispensable: We would all like to take the 15 saints home with us, for all the art that each one of them possesses. But no, it is impossible, the only thing we have left is photography. Through it we can take good pictures to show our friends and family what we experienced in Cusco. Each photo will make each and every one of the experiences remain in our memory forever.
  2. Wear light clothing: In these days the sun is strong in the mornings, and when the afternoon arrives everything changes, the strong winds start and this will make us shiver and we can even get a disease such as flu, cough, etc..
  3. Consume cold drinks and snacks, which are easy to carry: Being hydrated and always well fed is necessary. With how strong the sun is, it is possible to get dehydrated. That is why it is recommended to carry these foods to avoid dizziness or fainting during the day.
  4. Walking shoes or sneakers: Feeling comfortable is essential. Generally the streets of Cusco are made of stone and when they get wet they are slippery. Trekking shoes are comfortable and perfect for all types of terrain. Wearing a pair of these will go a long way.
  5. Wear and carry sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and/or umbrella: We are in times when it is no news to anyone that solar radiation is getting stronger and stronger. When you know that you are going to be outdoors for a long time, you should take precautions. Our health goes ahead, so we will enjoy more of this holiday.
  6. Be aware of our personal belongings: Many people are used to carry their backpacks on their backs, for this reason sometimes we do not realize if someone is taking something out of it. This is why it is preferable to put the backpack on the opposite side, that is, on the chest to avoid misunderstandings and / or theft.
  7. It is always recommended to carry enough money to make the necessary purchases. In all the places there are friends of strangers, that can not be changed but it can be avoided. If you do not want to have a bad experience it is always better to take precautions.
  8. It is better to use local currency (sol): Many of the merchants in the Plaza Mayor and Plaza San Francisco, where the Chiriuchu Fair is always held, use local currency. To make transactions easier, it is recommended to bring soles. It is more tedious to have to go to an ATM and wait in line to change foreign currencies. Preferably do it with time in advance.
  9. Ready for rain: The weather in Cusco is very changeable, you never know when it is going to rain. But we are in times when it does not rain, rain is nice when it does not fall hard. Nothing better than walking in the rain but always warm to avoid getting cold and not catching the flu, cough or similar ailments.


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