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Yawar Fiesta


This festival is held in the town of Ccoyllurqui, Cotabambas province, Apurimac Region.


For the start of the festival they proceed to capture the condor, which is a difficult and time consuming process. The condor is a bird that is very cautious and it can only be found when there is no danger descends on its prey. Then the villagers come out of hiding and waving their ponchos as a network, undertake the bird, which can not soar in narrow space. Also the catching of a strong and brave bull, although this is a relatively simple process.

The condor is ceremoniously led by the people, because this is a sacred and historical animal, and they will adorn the wings, it is given to drink brandy and fed with well for what comes next. Already in the ceremony, the condor is placed on the bull's back and is moored there in some rings, and the two animals try to free during the ritual, the bull is free of his torture and becomes furious. Then enter the capeadores to face the bull and the condor. It is overwhelming the condor release, which advances to the edge of the mountain, opens its huge wings and launches into space.

If, during the ceremony the condor becomes wounded or happens to die, it is taken as an announcement that something very bad is going to happen in this community.



The Yawar Fiesta which in Spanish means "The Feast of Blood", is an old cultural tradition that is celebrated, since colonial times, in many regions of the Peruvian central highlands. Although in the course of this century has undergone a process of decay, disappearing from many peoples and places.

The most famous story about the origin of this festival says that because of the condition of the villagers by the bosses. It is a symbolic representation by the people. Where gamonal is represented by the bull and the community for the condor.


The Yawar Fiesta is celebrated in the last day of July of each year.

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