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As in ancient times, it is performed in the main square of Cusco, on the sidewalks where artists spread their blankets with their products, following the custom of traditional Andean fairs.


Santuranticuy, which means "sale of saints" is a temporary market where sculptors and craftsmen offer the most diverse figures to brighten the holidays and accompany cribs or "births" that are constructed homes and parishes.

Event to be held since the arrival of the Spanish in Cusco, is the occasion in which many people come to the mountains to sell images of the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the three wise men (all made by them), they also sell images of sheep and various animals. These images are acquired crafted clay to "build" their births. Today is the popular art fair oldest, largest and highest quality in Peru, bringing together different genres as exponents of jewelry, embroidery, basketry, carving, ceroplastía, toys, among others.

This traditional popular art fair brings together artists and artisans, mainly the neighborhood of San Blas and the south of the country, giving prominence to the fair exposure of the famous "children Manuelitos", ceramics, carvings, etc..

Christmas time brings the magic of a wonderful show in the Plaza de Armas. In recent years, the number of vendors and the variety of products have increased (clothes, ceramics, crafts, etc.).



The fair has its beginning in the evangelization of Inca society, by mandating the use of birth prepared by their own craftsmen. The custom was assimilated with the addition of own spiritual representations, as the "Apu" (mountain spirit), "Pachamama" (earth) and Inti (the sun) in their births.

In the twentieth century the sale of imports began buying imaginary shift in the city of Cusco, so in 1937 the American Institute of Arts began selecting the best births, rewarding them and buying them to promote sales of the show.


The Santurantikuy is celebrated every year on 24 December.

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