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Book your Inca trail ticket now!

Embark on a legendary adventure: Book your ticket to the Inca Trail and get ready to live a unique experience.

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If your dream is to know and walk the world famous Inca Trail or Inka Trail, you should separate your tickets as soon as possible, because the tickets are already separated up to six months in advance due to its great demand and popularity.

Live your unforgettable experience on the millenary Inca Trail now.

Built more than five hundred years ago by the disappeared Inca civilization, the Inca Trail is only a part of the immense network of roads that extend throughout the length and breadth of the Peruvian territory and that also covers sectors of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia to the north, and that allowed the connection between the most important areas of the empire.

The Inca Trail is a road or path made of stone that winds through the valleys and mountains of the Andes, on this route there are also many Inca constructions such as observation towers located high in the mountains, small villages, cultivation terraces and other archaeological sites, all built with lithic material (stone).


Getting away from the daily routine of work and the pressures of the city is important for your health. An unforgettable experience awaits you on the Inca Trail but for everything to turn out the way you plan it you must book your Inca Trail entrance ticket now.

Since 2001, the only way to reserve an entrance ticket to the Inca Trail is through an authorized travel agency or tour operator, which is in charge of the logistics of the trip, i.e., transporting utensils, tents, water, food, as well as kitchen staff and porters. It is important to consider that of the maximum number of tickets available per day, three hundred are set aside for logistics personnel and two hundred are available for the public.

 The reservation of tickets is made by the agencies or tour operators through the Internet on the website of the Ministry of Culture of Peru (INC), presenting the traveler's documents, such as the National Identity Card (DNI) or passport in the case of foreign citizens. 

What are the restrictions on the Inca Trail? 

The maximum number of tourists allowed in each group varies according to the cost of the tour. The most economical tours can have groups of up to 16 tourists, while the most expensive tours can have groups of eight travelers.

There is no fixed age limit to be able to do the Inca Trail but it is considered that twelve years old is a prudent age to undertake this unforgettable experience.

Remember that during the first days of the trek you will climb up to 4,200 meters above sea level, so you should acclimatize the previous days in the city of Cusco to avoid altitude sickness.

Maintenance work on the Inca Trail is carried out during the month of February, which is why there are no visitors during this month.

If you do not find a ticket available with our agency, it is very unlikely that you will find it in other agencies, since the availability of tickets is fixed by the INC and this applies to all agencies and tour operators nationally and internationally.

The movement of tourists and support personnel along the Inca Trail is prohibited from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., in order to guarantee the conservation of the Inca Trail network and the physical safety of tourists.

In accordance with INC regulations, modifications to reservations already made are not allowed and in case of no-show on the indicated date, 100% of the amount paid will be forfeited.

What type of footwear should I wear?

Carefully consider what type of footwear you will be wearing during the tour, avoid wearing new or slightly used shoes that are too hard, as it is very likely that they will be too hard to be worn during the tour.

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