Map of Huchuy Qosqo

It is located in the peasant community of the same name on the summit of part the range 5m from Calca and 570 kilometers high above Vilcanota river.


Its name means “small Cusco”, Wiracocha inca was the one that had it built with palaces and temples since he felt old and tired, decide leave the throne and get way from Cusco and find rest and peace in this place.

huchuy qosqo peru


What we can see now is: Long groups of terraces with ornaments as retaining walls that make terraces ready for agriculture.

Three story building, the two first ones are almost regular polyhedrons and the third one is made of mud. The enclosure has regular base with an amazing quality.

There are bases and remains of two identical enclosures, in the internal part and distributed on the sides in a line. A long building of big bricks of mud of regular base, over a out coming terrace which has many doors facing the valley.

There are many minor random enclosures in bad conditions of conservancy. There is an Inca sidewalk nearby towards Cusco in a straight line. There are some random enclosures as checkpoints, on the edge of the cliff, with visual domain of the wide valley. There are stone cloves or fake stone beams that belonged to the gables of the buildings.