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Main Square Of Puno

Colonial charm and vibrant atmosphere, a meeting point to enjoy the culture, gastronomy and beauty of Lake Titicaca.


The original layout of the main square of Puno is after the coming of Viceroy Conde de Lemos and since then had several modifications. In 1901 the square that can be seen today was built, initially with a pool in the central part (similar to that of Arequipa). In 1925, it was changed by the monument of Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, hero of the war with Chile.


The Plaza de Armas is located in the center of the city of Puno, in front of the Central Reserve Bank.


The main square as a sample, has the majestic cathedral, which is possibly unique in Peru for having four sides clear and completely carved, its construction dates from the seventeenth century.

The main square also shows in the central part the monument of Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens.


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