It is located 15 Km to the west from Machu Picchu (20 minutes).
The most common way to get Machu Picchu is by train; the companies that provide this service are Peru Rail and Inca Rail. Also you can get there through the Inca Trail and from Machu Picchu go down to Machu Picchu town where you can find the mentioned services .


Machu Picchu town, formerly called Aguas Calientes due to the hot springs that are on the gorge from where the town can be seen, these hot springs receive hundreds of travelers every afternoon. Among these travelers the ones who just finished the Inca Trail journey can be found and want to recover from the long walking journeys. Originally, the town was just a long street that was along the rail road (Imperio de los Incas Avenue). Along the years the town grew up (in an disorganized way) covering a bigger area towards the gorge. Nowadays it has a main square (a small church and The City Hall are located here) it also has a crowded main street (Pachacutec Avenue) that goes to the hot springs located in the upper side of the gorge.

machu picchu city town


For those travelers with enough time the nearby places to visit are:

Machu Picchu town Hot Springs.

Only 800 meters from the central part of the town you can find sulphurous hot springs at different temperatures degrees that come from the rocky soil.
The pools in this place have the basic infrastructure for being used as thermal baths. Their average temperature is between 38 degrees C (100.4F) and 46 degrees C (114.8F). Also, there are also lobbies, restrooms and a small snack bar.

Mandor waterfalls.

Near the waterfalls Gallito de las rocas (rock cocks) can be seen which is the National bird of Peru and are typical in the area. During their mating period they make loud exhibitions. These winged rites are performed by the males while the females watch the spectacle and then choose their mates. If you are lucky you can see this natural show with unique characteristics.


The thermal baths can be visited between 5:00am and 8:00pm
You can visit Mandor waterfalls all day long since a family lives in the entrance.
It is located 112km from Cusco city or 4 hours by train from Cusco.