Located on the corner of Union and Antonio Miro Quesada St.


The venue, built in 1687, contains within it a neoclassical altar which dominates the image of the Virgin of Mercy, and a sculpture of St. Michael the Archangel. Also there is the chapel of Friar Pedro Urraca and rough wooden cross, according to the tales it was used to flee the devil..

La Merced Church Lima


Facade description and determination of his style:

The facade is an example of the Baroque style finished churrigueresco from Lima and in its center the image of the Virgen de las Mercedes appears in a niche, around which are arranged other ones. After the earthquake of 1746 the church was partially restored, at that time also rebuilt the remarkable home, decorating the front with twisted columns, which is considered a historical relic of great artistic and aesthetic quality. It was made of a special quality original granite Panama, which brought as ballast stone used as a weight to be placed on the bottom of the vessel, to foster balance, the galleons that came to bear on Callao minerals. This cover as thin artistically carved three bodies, was constructed using stones in gray and pink, forming a combination not found in other temples Lima. Its single tower, begun in 1539, should be higher but was reduced following the earthquake of October 20, 1687.

Inside description:

Inside saved altarpieces and sculptures paintings styles considered jewels of colonial art. The altar is less ornate than the other completely golden fire. In the center stands the statue of Our Lady of Mercy image from 1615 was invoked as the heavenly protector of the city, in 1730 the council named Civil PATRON OF THE FIELDS OF LIMA, following its intercession against sterility fields in the Republic was named patron of the Arms of Peru by the Constitutional Congress in 1823. The Virgin carries in her hands the shackles and scapular of her Order, and a rich golden scepter and the highest military decorations and other awards that demonstrate the great devotion to Mary. This image is in procession on September 24, escorted and carried on the shoulders of Silver by the cadets of the Armed Forces of Peru and large audience.


Opening Hours:
Every day from 10:00 to 12:00 hrs. and from 16:00 to 19:00 hrs