700 General Borgoño St. - Miraflores.


The site museum was created in 1984 as result of diverse works of research that had started in 1981 in order to save the archeological objects that were recovered and keep a presence in the site to guarantee its conservation. Since then, there has been work in this place thanks to the agreement between the formerly National Culture Institute and Municipality of Miraflores.

Huaca Pucllana Site Museum


Site route:

The third part of the pyramid and the whole bottom part are conditioned in a tourist circuit that allows to know the spaces that were used as ceremonial center. In some of the enclosures, natural size recreations have been opened of inhabitants of Lima culture performing diverse activities along with pictures of the digging process. This allows a better understanding of the past of this place.

The showroom:

The site has a small exposition room that was inaugurated in 1984 where part of the findings are shown. Most of the objects belong to Lima culture. The most outstanding ones are the ceremonial pitchers, thumbnail mortuary offerings, pottery sculptures of sharks and sacrifice utensils.

Native flora and fauna Park:

It is considered to be an important objective to show the aspects of ancient cultures that Pucllana had nowadays. This is possible by showing how the plants and animals that were grown during that time are important part of the life of someone from Lima now. Diverse plants as corn, pacay, guayaba, tuna, guarango, etc; are exhibited with south American camelids, criollo ducks or "jokes" in muchik language, guinea pigs, hairless Peruvian dogs; this dogs are now National cultural patrimony; but at Huaca Pucallana they had been bred long before that so it is considered to be a pioneer in the conservancy of that native species.

Traditional technology area:

This site has a exhibition room and sale of elaborated handcraft in different materials such as vegetal fiber, pottery, wood and metals as products made of native food. There are exhibitions and demonstrations every weekend where you can interact with artisans.


Opening hours:
Wednesday to Monday from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Adults S/. 7.00
University students and teachers S/. 3.00
children and elderly S/1.00