It was built on the left bank of the river Nazca, it flows into the Pacific Ocean. Currently within the jurisdiction of the province of Nazca, Ica, in southern Peru. It lies 42 kilometers from the sea and 28 kilometers from the current city of Nazca. It is 360 meters above sea level.


It is said that this complex was one of the oldest religious centers of America (400 BC - 400 AD). Cahuachi means "place where psychics live" and is located 28 kilometers from the city of Nazca. It occupies an area of 24 km ² and is a citadel built of adobe, with outstanding ceremonial pyramids, the Great Pyramid (28 m high and 100 m long), the Great Temple, the temple Staggered and Mounds. It is situated on a slope in front of the Nazca lines, and the whole is surrounded by a great wall.

It was the center housing and most important ritual of the Nazca culture that developed from 400 years after Christ and was used for offerings related to agriculture was their main activity. For many researchers, Cahuachi makes the difference about expansion in the South Coast.



Among the most representative Cahuachi attractions are:

  • The Great Pyramid

    One of the most imposing buildings in the city of Cahuachi is the "Great Pyramid" which is 110 m long, 90 m wide and 28 m high, and is composed of seven staggered platforms. In the "Great Pyramid" archaeologists found a deposit of textiles, many of them hand-painted, which is a rarity in the Nazca culture because so far only known embroidered textiles.

  • The great temple

    Another important building in the city of Cahuachi was the"Great Temple" or "Temple", which according to estimates by the archaeologists would measure 150 m long, 100 m wide and 15 to 20 m in height. There were made the main ceremonies high magic or theurgy, which were made by the important priestly caste of the Nazca culture.


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