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San Pedro Church

A haven of tranquility and spirituality in the heart of Cusco, with its impressive facade and beautiful baroque altarpieces.


The devastating earthquake of 1650 destroyed the first building. Between 1688 and 1699 the construction of the current temple was carried out by the architect Juan Tomás Tuyru Túpac Inca. It was financed by the bishopric, the clergy and the town council.

The church has a single nave and was built entirely of stone. It has a baroque and gilded main altar that has a frontal, tabernacle and silver racks. Of an architecture of perfect baroque correction and plant of great solemnity, all the dark stone is linked with white mortar. The facade is of traditional Cusquenian type and is inspired by the nearby cathedral molds, but the towers have arrow slits and vents, each topped by four lanterns and a capital.


The San Pedro Church is located on Cascaparo Street, in the historic center of the city. Just in front of the San Pedro market and the square of the same name.


The Church of San Pedro, as part of its interior design, has a baroque and gilded main altar that has a silver frontal, tabernacle, and silver grilles. Its altarpiece is remarkable, of four bodies and three streets, with eighteen Solomonic columns, having for coronation of its tabernacle, made of silver, a Paschal Lamb on the Book of the Seven Seals.

In addition to the main altarpiece, it has ten lateral altarpieces that are finely carved in wood and covered in gold leaf.

Among the most famous paintings of San Pedro are the portraits of the founders of the temple. The first canvas depicts Bishop Mollinedo at an advanced age, and the upper part shows his coat of arms. On the other hand, among the images, the Candelaria or Purified Virgin stands out. Also, the image of the Dolorosa, San Pedro, San Pedro Nolasco, San Juan and the Señor del Santo Sepulcro (Lord of the Holy Sepulcher) stand out. Visits during hours of worship.


During mass hours, from Monday to Sunday: at 7:00 am and in the evenings at 6:00 pm.

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