The San Blas Church is located in San Blas square, to the north of Plaza de Armas of Cusco, very easy to access with a fun hike upwards.


San Blas Church was one of the first parishes in Cusco built in Cusco from the order of Viceroy Francisco Toledo, whose initial construction was destroyed by the earthquake of 1650. The present church has a building platform in the form of a Latin cross and a simple facade with plateresque features.
The greatest wealth of this church consists of its important collection of paintings, its splendid main altar and, most of all, its famous baroque pulpit, made of a single piece of cedar and considered the finest example of wood carving made in colonial America. This work dates from the last third of the XVIIth century and is attributed to Juan Tomás Tuyru Túpac.


This church has exquisite works of art, the highlight of which is the famous pulpit that is carved in cedar wood in one piece. It is the most impressive churrigueresque-style carpentry work, as well as beautiful paintings by Diego Quispe Ttito from the Cusqueña School where the canvases stand out.


Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m
Cost: In order to enter, you need to buy the Religious Circuit Ticket, or pay just the entry to this monument with the following amounts:
National or foreign adult: S/. 10.00
National or foreign student: S/. 7.00