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San Blas Church


San Blas Church

It’s located in San Blas square


It was one of the first parishes in Cusco built by the Viceroy Francisco Toledo, whose initial construction was destroyed by the earthquake of 1650. The present church has a building platform in the form of a Latin cross and a simple facade silver features.

cusco san blas church


The greatest wealth of this church is its important collection of paintings, its magnificent altar and, especially, his famous baroque pulpit made from a single piece of cedar and is considered the finest example of wood carving made in America colonial. This work dates from the last third of s. XVII and is credited to Juan Tomas Tuyru Tupac

This church has exquisite works of art, highlighting the famous pulpit of San Blas, which deserves special study, and samples of paintings from the Cusco School.


Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 18.00 hrs
Cost: Join the Ticket Religious Circuit, or just to this monument with the following amounts.
Partial Adult: S / 10.00
Student Part: S / 7.00

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