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Church of the Merced

The church and convent of La Merced, whose original construction dates back to the mid-sixteenth century, is one of the oldest in the city of Cusco.


The church of La Merced, a true work of art of the Modern Baroque, for the works that it houses in its interiors. In the year 1650, because of the earthquake, it suffered serious damages, then it was rebuilt in a later period that lasted from 15 to 20 years and at the moment it is conformed by: Mannerist facades that contrast with the exuberant baroque of its bell tower. It belongs to the Mercedarian order, which arrived in Cusco in 1535.

The convent formerly had four cloisters, currently there are two convent cloisters and one of them has become the current school of La Merced. The church is composed of three naves, one elevated and one lowered, has a construction platform in Greek cross.


Está localizada a um quarteirão da Plaza de Armas, na praça Espinar. No centro histórico da cidade de Cusco.


Inside the cloister, we find a great variety of paintings and fragments of murals from the primitive church of La Merced. They represent the life of Don Pedro de Nolasco, founder of the Mercedarian order, which were painted by the master Ignacio Chacón. They emphasize relics of the Cuzco school, colonial furniture, a tabernacle, a candelabrum and a silver tabernacle. The greatest treasure is the monstrance of 22 kilos and 1.25 meters high, adorned with gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, and emeralds.

The basilica stands out for its choir stalls, its colonial paintings and polychrome carvings, and its beautiful baroque style cloister. The patron saint of the church is the Virgin Mary of La Merced.


Museum opening hours:
Morning shift: 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 hrs - Afternoon shift: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 hrs.
Cost of the museum: S/. 6.00
Church opening hours—Mass hours:
Monday to Saturday: from 7:00 to7:30 hrs and from 17:00 to 20:00 hrs.

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