Parte central del río Urubamba, Cordillera de Ausangate en el distrito de Echarate, provincia de La Convención.
Tomar un bus desde Cusco - Quillabamba (aprox. 8 horas),Quillabamba – Puerto deTintiniquiato (aprox. 10 horas), Puerto deTintiniquiato - Pongo de Mainique (aprox.2h).
También se puede llegar tomando una avioneta Cusco - comunidad de Timpia, luego recorrer en bote 15 minutos hasta arribar al centro machiguenga.


According to myths and legends of Machiguenga origin, It is in this area where it started its culture. It is further believed that this place represents the historical link between the Andes and the Amazon. From there, it is speculated that the roads that penetrate the dense Amazonian towards different cities and fortresses start.

Its area reaches 215,868.96 ha and is located in the central part of the Urubamba River basin, in the Cordillera de Ausangate, Echarate district, province of the Convention (department of Cusco).

Natural Attractions


This area is one of the few which vegetation remains intact, that connects the region of the highlands with the lowlands, home to the majestic "Mayne" grizzly name in native language. The Pongo tour is a fascinating experience for lovers of adventure and nature.

In the passage we can see numerous waterfalls and interesting wildlife including notably the military macaw, the Cock of the Rock, Spectacled Bear and a variety of monkeys such as black Machin, Maquisapa, Choro, etc.

The only choice of accommodation in this area is the Machiguenga Center for Tropical Studies. The owners of this hostel are the 125 families of the native community of Timpía, unexplored area of the Peruvian Amazon.