Map of Archbishop Palace

Located on the Hatunrumiyoc street.


In Inca times it is in place was the palace of Inca Roca. After the conquest the building was partially dismantled to build the family farmhouse Valverde Contreras and Xáraba, Marquis of Roca fuerte, currently known as the Archbishop's Palace.
It has a stone perimeter wall and inside is a great Renaissance courtyard with stone arches and tiles on the walls, and half the pool adorns the manor located in prime location. Recognized for its walls is the "The Stone of 12 Angles.

cusco archbishop palace


Besides having one of the most emblematic stones of Cusco "stone of 12 angles". The Religious Art Museum houses a collection of colonial religious paintings. You can also admire the Moorish style doors, carved cedar ceilings and spectacular windows.


Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.
The entrance to the Museum of Religious Art of Cusco is included in the Integral Ticket of Religious Circuit, administered by the Archbishopric.
Note: The stone of 12 angles can be observed for 24 hours a day, since this is in the outer wall.