Manco Capac Palace


Mapa del Palacio Qollqanpata

Qollqanpata was located next to the Sacsayhuaman fortress. At these days Qollanpata is Colcanpata neighborhood.


Qollqanpata was an important area at the Inca`s time. This neighborhood had many houses but two of them were particularly important, Qollqanpata Palace and Huaca Sapantiana. It is said that the palace was built by the first Inca named Manco Capac. The palace had the best location in the ancient city of Cusco. With the arrival of the Spanish people, this residence was awarded to Diego de Almagro and currently it is a Church named San Cristobal. Qollqanpata is a Quechua word. It means warehouse. This place was used like a big deposit for save food during the empire.



Nowadays, we can see ruins of walls and part of a carved rock that survived the extirpators’ idolatry.

Exterior: This is the bottom that faces a rectangular square which now is reduced and is known as San Cristobal square.

Building: This structure is found inside the complex, is now a beautiful Inca wall in the same direction at the front.

Sculpture: Behind the wall of the building is listed, include a lytic representation of a character who expresses wear something on your back.

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