World tourism paradise, Cusco was the sacred city of the Incas, which is why we have Inca walls in the streets of an entire building stone. Cosmopolitan to the extreme, inhabitants of Cusco combines almost everyone living with their originals and provide it with all kinds of restaurants and shops. Inca palaces of supreme beauty, are part of the daily walk through its streets. Fine plazas, splendid churches and a people accustomed to visitors, make one of Cusco's most important tourist destinations in the world.


Colonial Mansions

Colonial Mansions

Information mansions and colonial houses, tourist attractions, opening hours, and all information on colonial houses in Cusco.

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Temples & Convents

Temples & Convents

Information of the main churches of the city of Cusco, religious circuit, opening hours for views and a showy photo gallery.

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Inca Palaces

Inca Palaces

Information of Inca houses and palaces, as Hatunrumiyoc Palace, Pukamarka and Qollqanpata that since Inca times to our time are still intact.

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Natural Attractions

Natural Attractions

Information about natural attractions, most important of the jungle of Cusco among them the National Saltuario Megantoni, Kosñipata and Pillcopata.

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Archaeological Centers

Archaeological Centers

Information about Archeological Center of Cusco, as the temple of Koricancha, Sacsayhuaman, Qenko and other Inca Archaeological Centers.

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Information of Cusco museums as well as the main attractions, opening hours, prices and all the information you want to know about the museums.

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Cusco is located in the valley of Huatanay river in south eastern of Peru, in the jurisdiction of the Cusco region.

Mapa del Peru

Important Data


Station Weather T min.(°C) T max.(°C)
Dry Season (April - October) Dry -2 20
Rainy Season (Novenber - March) Rainy 5 23

Between April to October, at night the temperature drops considerably in the early hours of the morning the tempreratura up gradually until past noon.


Destination Altitude
Cusco City 3399 m.a.s.l.
Sacsayhuaman 3600 m.a.s.l.

The altitudes shown in the table are in meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.).


According to the latest report of Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI), the population of the provinces in Cusco is as follows:

Province Population
Cusco 456 800 people
La Convención 180 800 people
Quispicanchi 90 400 people
Chumbivilcas 83 200 people
Calca 74 700 people
Espinar 69 900 people
Urubamba 65 100 people
Anta 56 900 people
Paucartambo 51 500 people
Canas 39 800 people
Paruro 30 700 people
Acomayo 28 000 people

Political Division:

The Cusco region has an area of 71,891.97 Km2 and is divided politically into 13 provinces (Acomayo, Anta, Calca, Canas, Canchis Chumbivilcas, Cusco, Espinar, Paucartambo, La Convención, Paruro, Quispicanchi and Urubamba). The province of Cusco (Capital city) is divided potictically into eight districts (Ccorca, Cusco, Poroy, San Jeronimo, San Sebastián, Saylla, Wanchaq and Santiago).

Things To Do

Here are some suggestions about how to spend your time in Cusco:

  • By walking its streets you can appreciate colonial architecture built on old Inca palaces
  • Religious art in the cathedral and various churches in the city that you can admire.
  • Enjoy the music and dances of Cusco in Qosqo Native Art Center.
  • By riding horse around Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park and its archaeological sites you can enjoy an amazing moment.
  • You may share and enjoy your evenings with people around the world in the bars and clubs near the main square.