Intersection of Bolivar and San Agustin, Arequipa Metropolitana (one block from the main square).


Augustinians fathers come to Arequipa in 1572 and two years later founded the convent. Construction began in 1575, but was delayed by several years, and concluding in the seventeenth century. Successively involved in building the architects Nicolas Alonso. Andres Espinoza, Francisco Flores and Juan de Aldana.

The architectural San Agustin is composed of the temple and the cloister, they form the convent. Architecturally are of the same design and same original design. It belongs to the predominantly baroque facade of ashlar the two bodies has floral and foliage with carved angels with kilts holding a flower branch.

San Agustín Church - Arequipa


Inside the temple impressive cupola and neoclassical altars and especially for its carved altar and its applications in gold leaf and antesacristía is small barrel-vaulted ashlar all.


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