The House Tristan del Pozo is located in San Francisco Street # 108, in the historic center of Arequipa.


It was built in the eighteenth century for the General Don Domingo Carlos Tristan del Pozo. The property had many owners and numerous restorations. One of the last owners was the "Company Ricketts," who made it home to the offices of the firm, so it took the name of Ricketts House. Currently this house is owned by Banco Continental.

With an area of approximately 200 square meters, House Tristan del Pozo, is baroque style and leading figures corresponding to the pre-Inca times. The façade is an architectural gem as it is the best expression of civil and colonial architecture. His face is composed of a high wall topped by a cornice stepped puma-headed gargoyles, four two side windows and a stunning cover decorated prolifically. The windows are one of the original architectural elements of the region.

Tristán del Pozo Mansion


Both the front and doors are preserved original, which correspond to the same baroque style of the eighteenth century.

Continental Bank has implemented in this beautiful house a small museum and art gallery, exhibiting, among other ancient numismatic collections with valuable coins and renewable regular exhibitions of archaeological, artistic.


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