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The Virgin Of Candelaria Feast 2017



Puno, Peruvian’s Folklore Capital, located in the hillside of the beauty Andes Chain that suddenly ends in the edge of Titicaca Lake. Additionally, in this region take place the celebration of Virgen de la Candelaria Festivity, Declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on November 27th, 2014.

Candelaria Ciudad de Puno

85,000 visitors between national and foreigners are expected to arrive on February; who ones will feel the passion, joy and devotion of the Mamacha Candelaria Festivity. On this popular festivity, many kinds of dancers between men and women young and elders are congregated wearing shining light suits, dancing at the high Andean plateau rhythm and sounds of the measured bands, who ones arrives even from our brother country of Bolivia.

  • On January 29, the autochthonous dances contest will take place at Enrique Torres Belon Stadium and in the city streets, where are exhibited choreographies on many kinds of folkloric associations from many towns of Puno, wearing and dancing native outfits.
  • Thursday February 2nd, is an entirely religious nature day because of mass and procession of Virgen de la Candelaria, which take place in the downtown, in the night Mamacha Candelaria returns to her original sanctuary.

Virgen de la Canderia Puno

  • Sunday February 6th, early in the morning, everyone will enjoy the Mestizo Origin Dances contest at Enriquez Torres Belon Stadium. A delightful luxury show, you will be able to see troupe dances and the shining light suits, that after the contest on the stadium will continue dancing on the principal avenues and streets of the town, until deep on the night neither the hard rain stops them.
  • The most anticipated day is the Monday February 6th, because of his length and relevance “Gran Parada y Veneración” (Great Parade and Veneration). Each single troupe and dancers fill the streets on a 3 – 5 Kilometers colorful and rejoicing party until arrive to the Virgen de la Candelaria Sanctuary.

Virgen de la Candelaria - Fiesta y Danzas

On the following days to the festivities starts, fairs and fests, take place in the traditional neighborhoods, where you will drink lots and to dance at Puno music rhythm among the day and night. And in the night you will hear the Zampoñas (wind instrument) and other percussion instruments through the streets, as a beauty fusion of beauty typical sounds.

Meanwhile the Street retailers will offer many kind of appetizers as Anticucho de Corazon (Hearth Brochette), Empanada (turnover), punch, Emolientes (emollient), and for the cold a traditional Api, that is a hot drink made on purple corn, water sugar and cinnamon.

Api mas Chicha

You shouldn’t miss such a party!

How to arrive?

Here you will find some instructions how to arrive.

  • Flight from Lima to Juliaca (1:30 Hrs), from Juliaca airport drive to Puno around (45 min.)
  • From Lima to Puno by Bus (17 Hrs), there is a stop on Arequipa.
  • From Arequipa to Puno by Bus (6 Hrs).
  • From Cusco to Puno by Bus (7 Hrs).
  • From Tacna to Puno by Bus (9 Hrs).
  • From Moquegua to Puno by Van (4 Hrs).
  • From La Paz (Bolivia) to Puno by Bus (3 Hrs).

TIPS: To enjoy as far as possible your adventure to Puno.

  • Don’t forget warm jacket, waterproof clothes, scarf and wool/thermic made hat or cap, sneakers, umbrella, sunglasses and Ponchos.
  • Soroche (altitude Sickness) may trick you out, so once you arrive to Puno try to rest and not to do physical efforts. Drink coca tea and have a light lunch.
  • The UV radiation on Puno is one of the highest over the world, so please allways use sunblock, sunglasses and hat.
  • Don’t carry all your money, just take the necessary for the day.
  • It’s helpful if you can carry a sleeping bag to reduce the cold.

Galeria Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria:

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